Chelbesa – Ethiopia


Freshly roasted coffee by Olisipo Coffee Roasters.
250g beans or ground

Origin: Ethiopia – Danche, Yirgachefe
Notes: lime meringue – mango – fruity
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1900 – 2200m



Chelbesa is situated in the Gedeo zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region
(SNNPR) of Ethiopia. This zone is named after the Gedeo people, whose homelands lie in this high
altitude, forested area. Gedeo is an exclave of the SNNPR consisting of a narrow strip of land along
the eastern escarpment of the Ethiopian Highlands. It is surrounded by the Oromia Region, which
borders the zone on the east, south and west; Gedeo also shares its northern boundary with the
Sidama Region. The coffee cherries are processed at Danche station, an organic certified station
that receives cherries from 500 farmers who produce good yields thanks to fertile soil and good
farming methods.

The community of Worka Chelbesa has become increasingly well known for producing spectacular
coffee. Thanks to the entrepreneurship of coffee professional, Neguesse Debela, his investment in
immaculate new processing facilities is now starting to bear fruit. One of the defining aspects of
the Chelbesa flavour profile is the ripening period of the cherry. Harvesting only starts once all the
cherries on a tree are entirely red and fully ripe – resulting in a distinctly sweet, juicy and complex
cup. Due to the hillside topography and dense sub-tropical rainforest, some farmers walk up to
two hours to deliver their cherry to the station.

Sourced through our partners at Falcon Specialty, this wonderful Ethiopian coffee is roasted lightly
for filter. We fell in love with this coffee at first sip and have developed a profile to accentuate the
distinctive terroir and natural sun-dried processing method. Bursting with ripe mango and zesty
lime aromatics, the full fruit sweetness of this coffee really shines through, complemented by intense
florals. An extended but gentle development time after first crack helps to create a smooth,
velvety mouthfeel that makes this coffee a comforting brew to remember!

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